INTERVIEW: Edgelinemusic Exclusive Interview with KDC

Here is our Exclusive interview with Nigerian Comedian KDC

Edgelinemusic : Welcome here, Kdc is good having you feature on our interview section on

KDC : Thank you very much am grateful…

Edgelinemusic : Who is KDC? We want to know you, education, family, background, schooling and growing up?

KDC: OK my real names are Friday Divine popularly known as KDC
I attended Rivers state University Finished my secondary education there also.
I was born into the family of six,Four kids and my parents ….I’m the third child. I can say i’m from a musical background, My family is a lover of music but my growing up wasn’t easy…. Growing up from the creeks is definitely not an easy task…

Edgelinemusic : You say the creeks, like what do you mean by the creeks (Smiles)

KDC : (Smiles) The ghetto, downtown Agege

Edgelinemusic : Uhm….smiles…How do you come about the name *KDC*

KDC : Well i’m a Keyboardist and my name is Divine, and i do comedy, so I abbreviated the three and got myself a name, thats how the name KDC came about.

Edgelinemusic : So growing up, going to school, what was your dream as a child?

KDC : It has always been music ….music all the way

Edgelinemusic : What’s your definition of a good comedy?

KDC : Hmmmm that should be a comedy that is clean and classy..

Edgelinemusic : Okay nice. How do you define your kind of comedy?

KDC : My comedy goes with musical instruments like the keyboard and with background music which brings the old Nigerian Movie spirit..

Edgelinemusic : (laughs) Is okay…When exactly do you start this comedy and for how long have you been cracking jokes?

KDC : Well i’ve been a funny character right from child hood, so it was just blending in But i actually took comedy seriously towards the ending part of 2017

Edgelinemusic :  Wawu…. Are you into any record label?

KDC : No! Atleast not for now..

Edgelinemusic : My favourite KDC comedy is Who did it … What’s your favourite comedy?

KDC : The comedy of the comparison between Nigerian and American love play

Edgelinemusic : Smiles…Why, why and why?

KDC : Because of the Nigerian Part, the way the guy was playing love in the bush and asking who’s calling him.

Edgelinemusic : What inspires your comedy?

KDC : Nigerian movies, Environment, Nigerian Music


Edgelinemusic : Who are those you see as role models in the comedy industry?

KDC : Anyone who does good comedy to me is my role model

Edgelinemusic : So can you give us examples of artistes that does comedy that you see as role models?

KDC : Akpororo, Mc JP, KO Baba  and many more

Edgelinemusic : As a comedian what are those challenges you face?

KDC : Uhmm. People to really understand your jokes, and for them to atleast get the point you’re trying to make

Edgelinemusic : Any embarrassing moment as a comedian?

KDC : Lol I once got embarrassed at the beginning of career when performing in school and the boys where shouting AWAY!! i swear i lost concentration, they even had to off the light with me on stage, i had to run out, Thanks to God then i was not answering KDC..

Edgelinemusic : (Laughs) Where do you see yourself in the next ten years to come?

KDC : A legend

Edgelinemusic : What personal advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue this career?

KDC : Don’t give up and don’t look down on yourself

Edgelinemusic : Mc JP or Akpororo….Who is your favourite?

KDC : Akpororo of course..

Edgelinemusic : Okay thanks for your time that’s all on the interview…..

KDC : You welcome boss

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