Edgelinemusic Exclusive Interview With Ennykid

 Here is our Exclusive interview with Afoo entertainment artiste and Dance Crooner, Ennykid

Edgelinemusic : Welcome here, Ennykid is good having you feature on our interview section on

Ennykid : Thanks …it’s a pleasure

Edgelinemusic : Who is Ennykid ? We want to know you, education, family, background, schooling and growing up?

Ennykid : OK my real names are Eniola Adesaka popularly known as Ennykid
I attended A&T group of schools Finished my secondary education there also.
I was born into the family of five,Three kids and my parents ….I’m the second child. I can say i’m from a musical background, My dad was a lover of music but my growing up wasn’t easy….growing up from the creeks is definitely not an easy task…

Edgelinemusic : You say the creeks, like what do you mean by the creeks (Smiles)

Ennykid : (Smiles) The ghetto, downtown Agege

Edgelinemusic : Uhm….smiles…How do you come about the name *Ennykid*

Ennykid : Uhm as I stated earlier my real name is Eniola but my friends call me Enny …so when I decided music was gonna be my thing I consulted elders in the industry and we came about the name Ennykid.

Edgelinemusic : So growing up, going to school, what was your dream as a child?

Ennykid : It has always been music ….music all the way

Edgelinemusic : What’s your definition of a good music?

Ennykid : Hmmmm that should music everyone can relate to both old and young

Jaynaija : okay nice. How do you define your kind of music?

Ennykid : Its the music for the wise

Edgelinemusic : (laughs) Is okay…When exactly do you start to sing and for how long have you been singing?

Ennykid : I started singing from primary school…. Primary six to be precise that’s 2011

Edgelinemusic : wawu….How do you feel signed to your record label afoo entertainment?

Ennykid : Its been a huge blessing for me

Edgelinemusic : My favourite Ennykid song is Dance….what’s your favourite Ennykid song?

Ennykid : Turn by turn feat Wale Turner

Edgelinemusic : Smiles…Why, why and why?

Ennykid : I spilled out my mind and my current situation on the song bro

Edgelinemusic : What inspires your song as an artiste?

Ennykid : Mood Situation, Street demands

Edgelinemusic : Except from this jam with wale turner, any other jam with popular Music artiste.

Ennykid : None

Edgelinemusic : Who is Tscope to you?

Ennykid : He’s a friend colleague label mate and a brother

Edgelinemusic : Who are those you see as role models in the music industry?

Ennykid : Anyone who does good music to me is my rolemodel

Edgelinemusic : So can you give us examples of artistes that does good music that you see as role models?

Ennykid : Eminem….Tuface …….Mi
And many more

Edgelinemusic : As a musician what are those challenges you face?

Ennykid : A lot of challenges
A young boy of my age doing music is a challenge

Edgelinemusic : Any embarrassing moment as a musician?

Ennykid : Lol I once got embarrassed by the MC for wearing a torn shoe on stage

Edgelinemusic : (Smiles) Where do you see yourself in the next ten years to come?

Ennykid : Receiving Grammy’s….a legend infact

Edgelinemusic : Iyanu Masele…. What personal advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue this career?

Ennykid : Just be yourself and always have the zeal to do more

Edgelinemusic : Davido or wizkid….Who is your favourite?

Ennykid : Wizkid

Edgelinemusic : Okay thanks for your time that’s all on the interview…..

Ennykid : You welcome boss

Download Ennykid Ft Wale Turner – Turn By Turn Below ;



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